Dressing Up The Stars

Dressing Up The Stars: The Story Of Movie Costume Designer Edith Head

Jeanne Walker Harvey(author) ,
Diana Toledano (illustrator)

Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


This is one of that books that encourage children that their background doesn’t matter and that they can rise to great heights only if they put their minds to it! Ti loved how the author has used Edith’s story for this children’s book, it’s something I think kids should learn young that what amount of money they have, where they pige, their race, their origin none of that matters as big as one’s will to sharpen their skills!

The story is beautifully illustrated and colorful while being attractive to kids and teaching them something as well as showing that someone has already done it before and that it’s doable! The story is short so it’s easy to keep the childs attention till the end and the animals in the story will help bring their attention back in case their mind wanders for even a second. Overall a book that parents would love reading to their kids as well as teaching them major life lessons at such a young age!

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